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Broker services you can depend on and trust

1. Review of the marketplace

  • Conducted annually or at client’s request
  • Analysis of claims and employee demographics
  • Comprehensive written overview of in-force and optional plans
    • Fully-insured and self-funded
    • Comparison of plan types
    • Comparison of plan benefits
    • Comparison of price
    • Data customized to meet needs of various corporate executives
  • Explanation of underwriting criteria
  • Description of market trends
  • Description of new types of benefit designs and provider access

2. Annual Open Enrollment / When coverage changes

  • Benefit Plan Analysis & Comparisons
  • Benefit Contract Reviews
  • Employee education
    • Written communication
    • Employee (group and/or individual) meetings
  • Ease plan transition
    • Ample lead time premeditated
    • No new applications when ever possible
    • Attention to special medical situations

3. Well-trained, licensed customer service personnel available

4. Comprehensive services through affiliated professionals

  • Human Resources
  • Attorneys
  • Actuary
  • Document Writers
  • Health Care Providers

5. Service tracking system

6. Ongoing claims resolution and appropriate communication to employee and employer

7. Electronic benefits management for large employers

8. Response to miscellaneous client requests when ever possible

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